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a little history on Nocerini

James Nocerini Jr. has been in the building business his whole life. His father was building homes since before Jim was born and Jim was always on the work site helping out. 

Jim Jr learned at a very early age; attention to detail is what sets the Nocerini name apart from other builders. Jim Sr. came from an era that the quality of work was a direct reflection on the character of a man. You keep your word. You finish on time and most importantly...on budget.

Since 1993 Jim Nocerini Jr. has taken over the family business and continued the traditions of his father. Nocerini Construction has focused on delivering dream homes for the middle class. It is not uncommon for a potential client to save thousands of dollars when utilizing the design skills of Nocerini Construction. If you have an dream, Nocerini will help turn in into reality.

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We custom build your dream home to fit your specific lifestyle and budget

Open lines of communication from concept to completion

You dream it and we can build it

Dedication to our client has been and will always be the key to our success
Custom interior and exterior design

What You Can Expect

The Nocerini Dream Team

Our Mission

At Nocerini Home Builders, our mission is simple: to design and build affordable dream homes.

Our Pledge

At Nocerini Home Builders we pledge to deliver your dream home without busting your budget!